News & Articles

TSPN publishes reviews and news about our past events and initiatives on Medium. You can find these articles here. TSPN members have published a few opinion pieces or have been featured in articles for some of the work they have done.

May 2020
TSPN’s Farah Qaiser, Frank Telfer, Molly Sung and Sivani Baskaran partnered with SPE and E4D on an op-ed about support for research trainees during COVID-19 in University Affairs. Read it here.

Sivani Baskaran showcased the TSPN’s events and initiatives at the LOGIC 2020 Poster Session on Twitter. Click here to see the poster.

November 2019
Following the federal election, the #VoteScience team reflect on the campaign and the lessons learned in a CSPC editorial. Read it here.

October 2019
Farah Qaiser talks with Nature about the science platforms of the federal parties leading into the 43rd Canadian Federal Elections. Read it here.

September 2019
Farah Qaiser and Frank Telfer published an op-ed with the VoteScience team on why science should be an important matter in the 2019 federal elections. Read it here.

August 2019
Farah Qaiser and Sivani Baskaran wrote about the launch of the #VoteScience campaign for RCIScience. Read it here.

The launch was also featured in the Signals Blog in article by Farah Qaiser. Read it here.

July 2019
During the first every ComSciConCAN, Farah Qaiser presented a poster about TSPN accomplished in their inaugural year. Click here to see the poster.

June 2019
Interested in forming a science policy group at your school? Here’s a how to guide from Farah Qaiser and Molly Sung. Read it here.

April 2019
Farah Qaiser and Molly Sung partnered with SPE’s Tina Gruosso and Marie Franquin on an op-ed about the 2019 federal budget. Read it here.

December 2018
Molly Sung and Ellen Gute were interviewed at the Canadian Science Policy Conference 2018. Click here to watch their interview.